Founded in 1994, Zaķumuiža is a family owned company started by the doctors in three generations clearly realising the importance of clean water in every step of the life.

Zaķumuiža is the name of the source discovered back in 1936. The water is bottled at the source in environmentally clean and carefully protected territory. It is a pure and well balanced natural mineral water originating from underground water source.

Zaķumuiža is perfect for health conscious customers due to its low sodium and other mineral content with total dissolved solids of only 176 mg/l. It also creates pure, pleasant taste and can be consumed daily. Naturally alkaline (pH 7.6) it is ideal for the body.

Zaķumuiža is bottled in its original state, has a constant level of minerals and trace elements and is protected from all risk of pollution. The new bottling facility was opened 2011. It is ISO 22 000 certified and operates strictly according to this quality standard. Zaķumuiža is true premium mineral water with the best quality and stunning appearance.
Main Components (mg/L): Ca2+ = 42.7 mg, Mg2+ = 11 mg, Na+ = 9.9 mg, K+ = 1.1 mg, HCO3- 163.5 mg, SO42- - 12 mg, Cl- = 14.9 mg

True luxury results from sophisticated simplicity.
Zaķumuiža distinctive, slim bottle design is inspired by the clean and purifying nature of the water itself. This aestetically pleasing design is meant to highlight mineral water’s natural character, pureness and taste. Perfect for customers who appreciate style and clean design lines. It is purest natural mineral water, targeting fine restaurants, hotels, gourmet and convenience stores.


Available in Premium slim line bottles:

0,25 l    natural mineral water, still and sparkling
0,7 l      natural mineral water, still

0,31 l      natural mineral water, still with regular or sports closure
0,765 l    natural mineral water, still

1,25 l      natural mineral water, still